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I began making these little boxes many years ago, to carry the local fresh raw milk I purchased in half-gallon canning jars.  I began using them to carry other things too - mostly my drinking water jars, which I take almost everywhere with me.


A local shop-keeper saw one of my boxes in my car and asked if I made them to sell.  When she asked again a year later, I decided it was time to make some for her shop, which I did.


I try to select interesting planed pine from the lumber yard.  Then using only hand tools, I try to make cuts to best show the uniqueness of the wood. 

Hand-cut leather handles are attached, and  the boxes are finished with raw linseed oil.


There are two sizes of boxes.  The smaller size holds two quart canning jars and the larger size holds two half-gallon canning jars.  I have found there is some variation between the different brands of canning jars, so if one jar doesn't fit, just try another of a different brand.

    Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing a box or if you would like to carry them in your store.


2 quart box $42

2 half-gallon box $45

My little handmade boxes are available at The Village Store in South Acworth, New Hampshire

or contact me through my contact page or e-mail

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