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Under 6 hours of work, all travel time will be added to the time sheet.

Travel time:

I will travel reasonable distances to work, but a fee will apply for distances over 30 minutes, to be determined based upon distance and/or travel time.  (Calculated from Acworth, New Hampshire.)


I begin work upon arrival.   Please understand that once I'm at your house, I'm "on the clock," so to speak.  If you have a list ready or if a plan has been made, I can get right to work.

I am unable to work where there is any cigarette smoke - even outdoors.  Cigarette smoke makes me physically ill.  If this will, or might, be a problem, I will have to decline to take the job.

Could you . . . ?  I will do almost any job.  As a homesteader, I have gained experience at quite a variety of skills.  If you have something that needs to be done, just ask.

Tools and gardening supplies:  I will provide my own tools for most jobs, but a good wheelbarrow on site is very helpful.  I do not use chemicals, poisons, or toxic substances, and do not wish to work in gardens where they have been used any time recently.   For housecleaning, I am quite particular about which products I use.  I can either make a list of those I will need and you can purchase them, or I can purchase them and you can refund me.

Schedule changes and missing days:  There aren't "benefits" in the work I choose to do, such as paid breaks, paid vacations, paid holidays, paid personal days, paid sick days, insurance coverage, etc.  The primary benefit is the flexibility to be available when my family needs me or to be able to attend a conference or event that interests me.  It has been very rare that I have needed to miss a day of work, but if something comes up, I will notify you as soon as possible, and we can decide if it is realistic to reschedule, or if we should just skip that day.  If I need to adjust my work schedule permanently, I will notify you in as timely a manner as possible of any changes I need to make.

You should know . . .   I am scrupulous about keeping track of my time.  You are spending your money, and I believe you should know what you have spent it on.  I do not charge for time I have chosen to take away from my work - breaks I take, phone calls I make or take if they necessitate stopping what I'm doing, etc.  I charge from arrival at your home to departure, minus any breaks I have taken.  I do not round my time up.  I will bill you for my time in 15 minute increments, holding over time under 15 minutes to add in on the next billing, noting it as "hold-over time."

If you have read through this information and think I can be of service to you,

please call Deanne at (603) 209-0360

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